Business Certification

The work processes enabling the services we provide to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are enhanced by applying the principles of continuous improvement written in ISO 9001:2015.

Our processes are audited to the same high degree as we audit those of our product suppliers. Lake's Business Managers have expertise in the design and build of manufacturing plants and processes. We use this expertise to assure that the quality of our products is in specification - no matter where the supplier is located.

Responsible Care® is integral to our business. We operate a Responsible Care® programme under the auspices of the Chemical Business Association and we are currently preparing for independent third party verification of our status through ESAD II assessment.

We are further ensuring a higher specification of services throughout our business by preparing to work within the guidelines of Good Distribution Practice.

The health and safety of our employees and customers, and Product Stewardship to understand the life cycle and fate of our products is important to us. Lake's products have been pre-registered and are in the process of registration under the European REACH regulations. We ensure our products comply with market sector regulations.